Project 1

Grape Tomatoes

a) I chose the grape tomato as my fruit/vegetable for this project in which i made a coloring book/interactive book as my brochure. My target audience are 6th graders, ages 12-13. After much thought, i decided to make an interactive book to keep my target audience interested in what information i had to share with them. I went through couple logos and taglines which at first were too sophisticated for middle schoolers. With the final logo and tagline, i was able to build a “fun” brochure. I chose green and red for my colors which i felt was more appealing than red and white or red and black. I tried to fill every page with a mixture of text, pictures, and something they can do as well.

Here are my sketches and doodles:









b) Poster Design



c) Brochure









2 Responses to “Project 1”
  1. Liz Burow says:

    HI Grace,
    Good post about the project. Now, make sure to remove it from under the mini-lecture subtab. It should be directly listed under Deliverables.

    • Liz Burow says:

      Another comment: Your poster is very small- can you resave your poster design and make sure the artboard is the right size when you save the work. Liz

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