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Tagline: The truth behind the Liquid Candy Graphic Guideline: Lester Beall Colors will include black, white, red and maybe blue. So far, i have experimented with the typeface Modern No. 20 and Gills San. Like Beall’s work, i plan on keeping the designs and wording simple. I plan on sticking to a tight color story … Continue reading

Research/Brainstorming/Copy Writing Pt. II

Soda a)  b) A soda, also referred to as a soft drink, pop, or fizzy drink is a non-alcoholic beverage that contains water and a flavoring agent. These beverages are carbonated and sweetened with either sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. In cases of diet drinks, they contain an substitute sweetener known aspartame. Soft drinks can … Continue reading

Successful Campaigns

Captain Onion             I really enjoyed Adrienne’s Captain Onion comic book brochure. I felt that her choice to make her brochure into a comic book fit was very appropriate for her target market. In addition, her creation of Captain Onion was fun and interesting for me personally but especially for boys … Continue reading

Project 1: Thought Process

Thought process in my sketchbook

Living Concrete Carrot City

This exhibit was personally quite moving and interestingly enough, had a lot to do with the content of my Design Research Methods class. The focus on the increasing interest of growing food in the city is an active topic especially in New York City. Many of the projects were fascinating and all of them had … Continue reading


Tomatoes a) b)  What: The Tomato (Beefsteak, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, campari tomatoes) Smell: Fresh, like a leaf/nature Touch: round, smooth, slippery. Looks: Comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, green, orange, pink, purple, black, white. Taste: sweet, juicy, zesty, can also be bitter. i) The tomato is a native … Continue reading

Logo Design

Good       These are the 5 examples of food related logos that i believe are successful. I find Chili’s retaurant’s logo to be successful because they incorporate the actual chili into their name which can easily be recognized. Chop’t salad company also incorporates a picture of a lecture being chopped by the knives they … Continue reading

Classic vs. Contemporary

‘Classic’  Layout ‘Contemporary’ Layout For the ‘classic’ looking page layout, i chose the Bible. I think that the Bible looks classic due to its layout, typography, visual hierarchy and the composition. Over the past decades since the Bible was written, its layout has not changed much. All bibles are formatted similarly, if not, identically. The … Continue reading

Good vs. Bad Examples

Good Example Bad Example The good example is an article that comes from a fashion magazine. I cannot identify the font, however, it fits well with the content of the article and its illustrations. You can identify the header, body of text, pull quote, and illustration and the clear visual hierarchy. The article shows bold, italic, … Continue reading

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