• Tagline: The truth behind the Liquid Candy
  • Graphic Guideline: Lester Beall
    Colors will include black, white, red and maybe blue. So far, i have experimented with the typeface Modern No. 20 and Gills San. Like Beall’s work, i plan on keeping the designs and wording simple. I plan on sticking to a tight color story just like this work done by Beall who only uses primary colors. My poster will reflect my logo and this choice of work as well. The overall illustrative style for this project will be simple and to the point.
  • Word Bank: As for the word bank, i plan to keep all my writing/text/message simple and short. Much like other campaigns, advertisements, and Beall’s work, simplicity and a powerful message in a limited amount of words is my goal. No one likes to read a long testimony but i hope to get my message across in a bold and short phrase/sentence.
  • Persona:
    Name: Kourtney P.
    Kourtney is a Junior at Parsons The New School of Design. She is majoring in fashion design and psychology. On
    top of all her studies, she interns at Edun (an organic fashion company). Kourtney juggles through school work
    every day and her internship three times a week. She never finds the time to sit down and cook or have the luxury
    to eat healthily. At all times, she must grab something fast and easy to eat. With her fast paced life, she needs the
    caffeine, however, she does not enjoy coffee, therefore, she resorts to sodas. She worries about her weight and being
    fit, so sometimes, she’ll keep herself full with liquids, in this case, sodas. The constant rush of caffeine and
    burnouts after the caffeine has worn off, Kourtney feels sick and miserable but cannot refrain herself from her
    soda addiction. Kourtney  unfortunately shares a love and hate relationship to sodas. Coca-cola being her favorite.
  • Logo Design:
    Logo Design #1
    Logo Design #2
  • Poster Design:
  • Movie:
    Sketches of the storyboard

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