Successful Campaigns

Captain Onion


          I really enjoyed Adrienne’s Captain Onion comic book brochure. I felt that her choice to make her brochure into a comic book fit was very appropriate for her target market. In addition, her creation of Captain Onion was fun and interesting for me personally but especially for boys between ages 12 and 14. I could see that she put in a lot of thought and time into the comic book because she hand drew all the illustrations in which she computerized. Information regarding the onion was interestingly expressed through the illustrations and the speech bubbles. I especially enjoyed her table of contents in which was renamed into fun and exciting phrases such as “secret identity, super powers, and lair.” I wish i could’ve seen the final outcome of her comic book in more details.  Her use of the navy blue and deep red surprisingly fit very well with her vegetable and overall concept of her project. I felt that her comic book brochure and poster complimented each other. Also, from the pictures she uploaded, i could that see that there was very good use of space. This comic book definitely captivated me as an audience in which had a good balance between text and illustrations. 

Guilt-free Popcorn

           This project is done by Sue in the other Design 3 class. This project immediately captured my attention because of the illustration of the popcorn. I felt the connection between the cauliflower as a guilt-free popcorn was really smart. I wish i could see the content of her project. From what i can see, her hand drawn girl pictures added a nice personal touch to the brochure. I could see that this is an accordion brochure, but it looks like she used a different type of paper that is not a regular, white copy paper. The yellow tint of the paper goes very well with the popcorn illustration. I really enjoyed the design and concept of her project from what i can see. Like she stated in her post, what appears to be a bag of popcorn captivated my attention which is her goal for her target audience. It is indeed a fun and interesting way to help the reader understand the concept and keep their attention. I could somewhat see the simplicity of her pages. I as confused as to why she used more than two colors; however, the use of light yellow and dark brown did give me a warm and comfortable feeling. Overall, i really enjoyed the pictures Sue posted of her project. I felt that her brochure was really successful. 



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