Logo Design


      These are the 5 examples of food related logos that i believe are successful. I find Chili’s retaurant’s logo to be successful because they incorporate the actual chili into their name which can easily be recognized. Chop’t salad company also incorporates a picture of a lecture being chopped by the knives they actually use in the restaurant as a part of their logo. The classic Coca-Cola logo is so successful by their red and white colors and the cursive-like font that is that same in every country. The same follows for McDonalds and Starbucks where McDonalds can easily be recognized by the colors red and yellow and their golden arches, “M.” Starbucks has also been the same green and white color, with the block, cap font and with the picture of the girl in the center since the beginning where the design has not changed. In addition, the Starbucks is the same in all other countries. 


          These are the 5 examples of food related logos that i believe are unsuccessful. I found all of these logos unsuccessful due to their bad design and unfortunate choice of font. I do not see how these logos are supposed to represent their individual restaurant. If i was not aware of what each restaurant was, by just looking at their logo, i would have no idea what it would be for. 


          I chose Trader Joe’s as an example of a good brand identity. I cannot say that on a personal level, the logo/typography design is successful. In some ways, i think that the choice of font and design is poor. However, through their brand identity, they have successfully made the  logo work where everyone knows and recognizes it. Shopping at Trader Joe’s gives me that feeling of a neighborhood, friendly environment. All the wood, colorful, handwritten writings, and friendly workers always make the experience worthwhile. As soon as you step in, you smell the fresh flowers and produce. The store is always in order and you always hear many conversations being held between shoppers and the workers. Another thing i love about Trader Joe’s is their promise of everyday, low prices. I believe all these factors that make Trader Joe’s  a good brand identity.

          I chose Gristedes as an example of a bad brand identity. The Gristedes logo/typography design is unsuccessful. Also, i never enjoyed shopping there due to its unfriendly and cold environment. Its white walls and floors give the market a very franchise/corporate feeling. The workers are not very friendly. Almost all the time, all i smell is a mixture of food from the deli are or of cleaning products. It is very quiet in the store besides the music and its employees gossiping across the cashier aisles. The shopping experience in general is just awful where i just go in to get whatever i need and leave.


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